Sabrina Prichard's Portfolio


Amateur photographer, based in Västervik in Sweden, with a love for people photography. My aim is to capture the personality of people, in all kinds of situations ranging from weddings to street to themed photo shoots. When I photograph, I try to blend in as much as possible. It is, for me, a success when the person or the people that I'm photographing almost forget that they are in front of a camera. In my experience that is when their true personality really gets the chance to show on photo.

~2 time winner of People's Choice Photo Awards, June & July contest, 2017~

I have been curious of photography since I was a child. Bought my first DSLR in 2009, which was the start of a more active interest in the art.

Camera: Nikon D750 & Nikon D90.
Lens: Nikon 35, 50 & 85 mm f/1.8.

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Don't hesitate to contact me, for more information and to book a photo shoot.
Invoices are sent through FrilansFinans, including the option of paying by Swish.

-"It was a delight working with such a creative, professional and responsive photographer. The pictures ended up just as I had visualized them, if not even better. It is important for me to work with people that have an "us" way of thinking, which Sabrina definately has. Her positive energy, which is contagious and emits a feeling of security and serenity from the very first shutter click, was a huge bonus" - Zandra, The Beauty Archive

-"We are very pleased with the photo shoot of our little boy and the rest of us in the family! Sabrina has the ability to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera which makes the photos so natural and nice. We could never have imagined a photo session with a wild one-year-old to go this well! Sabrina let the photo shoot take the time it needed, despite the time at hand being a bit scarce, and she captured moments from the playtime in the snow that precisely depict our son's personality. We would really like to recommend Sabrina!" - Anna & Johan with their son Leo

"Sabrina photographed my two children, a beautiful autumn day. She allowed room for fun and play, which made the children's personality come to life in the photos.
Sabrina has an ability to give "direction" and at the same time be "invisible", which allowed to photo shoot to become relaxed and natural. We are super pleased with the result!" - Emelie with her daughter Elna and son Albert

"We are so pleased with the photos from our wedding day. Your way of seeing details and capturing the emotions and the moments. We are so happy that you wanted to share our big day and capture it in your photos!" - Linnea & Andreas

"A fantastic photographer with an eye for details that makes the photos come to life. Sabrina is very helpful and nice, we had a lot of fun during our shoot!" - Niklas